Workshops for Ark Sand, hats and herbs

Wand moving forward:


In the last five years with Pret support we have delivered 3000 meals to street homeless, disabled,

and have recently been able to put Berlin RATTEN07 in touch with Pret, who are opening first shop, there..

So with them still performing at State Theatre People's Stage, we know positivity is expanding. Also now approaching Grenfell and disabled groups of all colours

Our theatre has taken us to Brighton, for a migrant family event, with Owltime called 'a privilege',

'should be on the school syllabus', and recently we even were part of volunteering with Chelsea sick children at C&W hospital

We have been approached by a call to nominate a Serbian for LPP (London Peace prize)

Only know recording

Anyone listened to Virginia Woolf on Words? It inspired me to a few of my own:

Words are hues in the air

Reaching out they dare

Like the ashes of animal sacrifice

To alter and incur new

Arrangements and belonging

In incarnadine oceans of longing

Jostle in a tribe, grow shy living with man,

With boy and whisper to eachother


Sometimes sit on the window ledge

Pulled on his boots and sits in

Nappies and coat. Looks longingly outside. Magnolias unfurling One by one Their wings curling giant butterflies Blink and they're gone


Jean Findlay spoke and is still talking about Proustian memory and healing wounds...for Refugee Week

Jean is descended from CK Scott Moncrieff forced into exile,after being a fearless fighter in War, as homosexual (she was nominated for LAMBDA Award. This is particularly relevant with gay murderers still in Russia), with Bob Cooper, a passionate campaigner for rights and a Minister.


A letter Jean recently received which she talked of in Centre for Fiction, NY from a man relating working with war wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan, at Walter Reed recovery centre, said he read of Chasing Lost Time and CKSM's wounds with great interest..perhaps "beauty and rendering commonplace things that illuminated their beauty may have been important to Scott Moncrieff" So we "knit ourselves back together through memories, a creative process Re Membering," as Jean gently puts it.


Poet Bob Cooper is also coming with his new collection Everyone Turns

We all have a female and a male component, with


Feel very humbled by meeting and working with Ugandan Jade Jackson, who although she suffered torture, writes gratefully of "Freedom from Torture", formerly Medical Foundation as "a Mother to Millions of all colours" with PEN's Lucy Popescu she is now published and her moving poetry relevant to all; she writes of her forgotten country

Last spring we were interviewed for Women's Week Radio, invited all to play a piano on the beach,to Edinburgh, bringing many thousands to play music. We wish to continue building works in the South: Morphe is London, Crawley Brighton.."You won't heal anyone unless you have respect for their dignity" Jean Findlay, Jenny says in 'Enemy Territory' to doctor. She met legend Tadeusz Kantor, who let her uniquely study a year with him in Krakow, and she publishes beautiful memoirs, of those of perception

She with friends Sally and Lala supported some war veterans I met, inspiring me in my direction to show real life, as perceived and unadulterated..

Great, inspiring change,forward-moving:bring a poem or thought of your own


We have taken a few workshops in Kew Gardens recently, with discussion of a green woman, as opposed to green man. We are building relationships that seek out neglected women, who feel partly ignored by cultural supremacy and looking at how ecology relates to that. Zena.. Mother Courage..whoever that is, rather than cowardly depictions of women as sassy victims by Brecht, renowned genuis and womanizer, or Sam Beckett, who used Bettina (pic)



Open faces

Ray has written

a very humble

book about his

career as an actor,

starring for Ken

Loach and in

hit Hollywood

'the Knack'





IN recent months we have oriented workshops around women

who for want of chances have not been able to make careers

in singing or acting. Having a friend Bettina who sang at the

Royal Court in the Sixties, with followers such as Peter Brook

and Bob Dylan, and was at the hospital sad‐end‐of‐life wedding

of George Orwell to Sonia, I spoke with her about how Professor

Jim Haynes, often on TV and in news for his part in starting

Edinburgh Fringe programme, as well as Traverse and the world

leading Writers Conference, which involves another friend these days, Jenny Browne, whose family I met at his Paris flat. These women who play such a leading part on the cultural scene are browbeaten for bringing up children; how little is mentioned in the annals of time of women.

With our trips to workshops at Kew we also found out that "Land Women" had made jams and other winter sustenance in the vicinity. In fact Twickenham was once described as the Garden of England and there are postcards at Kew of women leading all the gardening.


Image from














There is also something to be seen of Owl Time, a name Virginia Woolf

gave to sunset, or rise when the hoot of the wise old birds that appear to see in

the night watchfully observe.


Older more experienced women are behind a wall, where the wounds are healed: as the purple or black and blue dissolve into sunsets.



































They are able to heal the


..of those

who have only arrived...









Like Lysistrata the first flesh and

blood woman hero, who brought

all her girl friends to stop sleeping

with their men until they had

left the wars: the Peloponessian

Wars were a time when people

had been fighting for so many decades

that every one was tired of its futility and knew someone who had

been killed.





A magicianness also, she appears

to be able to transfer suffering

out of the hats she makes:

one Jayson

has covered in eyes open and

closed to represent the various

stages of

rousing or wakefulness.













There are myriad ideas in the play about how open eyes are: for example, is anyone who has their eyes open awake really, or are they more asleep than those who have their eyes closed?

Do we see more when we dream and have our eyes closed?

Is the darkness necessary in any case to create light? After all in Genesis we are told that the earth was dark, before it was light, so maybe closing one's eyes is the preliminary step to finding the light well within.





Is the child that Oblomov

lost in the storm really

Lissie's and will he

be a wise owl?







Women also seem to be barely appreciated when considering

Mother Courage, a play about a woman who profits from the war. It has

the air of suggesting mothers role is to be led, and she is misled by the

violence of war. A real Mother Courage is a character we are trying to

connect with, as a Mother Earth, protecting rather than cunning




Sam Beckett's life was influenced by Bettina invited to her flat regularly :

when he was nervous he would play the piano as a way of relaxing.

She also became his intimate after Calder, her husband, had an affair. Trinity College, Dublin

recently bought his letters to her and she gave me a copy of one analysing her play The Wheel that was on at the Roundhouse.

Suffice to say she has many interesting stories about Jim who also began the ICA. When she mentions several americans being involved in CIA I think I am mishearing, but then it occurs to me

that she is referring to how serious art as I have researched often

has had CIA backing. Rothko for example, was subsidized by

money they put in to scholarships, as Russian artists like vorticists

were receiving so much state support. I met someone Assange was

close to who told me her granddad Eng had been a founder of CIA.

These were people who cared about their country, perhaps too much!

Marie Luise from Putney and a young man Anton came to workshops: we


Green woman has a daughter suggest Marie Louise and Nadine.





Rangoli Sand Art by Jayson Singh, created entirely out of sand, as in his pieces of the sky that have fallen .

Hats with eyes that are looking within or out?