Wand moving forward:


In the last five years with Pret support we have delivered 3000 meals to street homeless, disabled,

and have recently been able to put Berlin RATTEN07 in touch with Pret, who are opening first shop, there..

So with them still performing at State Theatre People's Stage, we know positivity is expanding. Also now approaching Grenfell and disabled groups of all colours

Our theatre has taken us to Brighton, for a migrant family event, with Owltime called 'a privilege',

'should be on the school syllabus', and recently we even were part of volunteering with Chelsea sick children at C&W hospital

We have been approached by a call to nominate a Serbian for LPP (London Peace prize)

Only know recording

Anyone listened to Virginia Woolf on Words? It inspired me to a few of my own:

Words are hues in the air

Reaching out they dare

Like the ashes of animal sacrifice

To alter and incur new

Arrangements and belonging

In incarnadine oceans of longing

Jostle in a tribe, grow shy living with man,

With boy and whisper to eachother


Sometimes sit on the window ledge

Pulled on his boots and sits in

Nappies and coat. Looks longingly outside. Magnolias unfurling One by one Their wings curling giant butterflies Blink and they're gone


Jean Findlay spoke and is still talking about Proustian memory and healing wounds...for Refugee Week

Jean is descended from CK Scott Moncrieff forced into exile,after being a fearless fighter in War, as homosexual (she was nominated for LAMBDA Award. This is particularly relevant with gay murderers still in Russia), with Bob Cooper, a passionate campaigner for rights and a Minister.


A letter Jean recently received which she talked of in Centre for Fiction, NY from a man relating working with war wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan, at Walter Reed recovery centre, said he read of Chasing Lost Time and CKSM's wounds with great interest..perhaps "beauty and rendering commonplace things that illuminated their beauty may have been important to Scott Moncrieff" So we "knit ourselves back together through memories, a creative process Re Membering," as Jean gently puts it.


Poet Bob Cooper is also coming with his new collection Everyone Turns

We all have a female and a male component, with


Feel very humbled by meeting and working with Ugandan Jade Jackson, who although she suffered torture, writes gratefully of "Freedom from Torture", formerly Medical Foundation as "a Mother to Millions of all colours" with PEN's Lucy Popescu she is now published and her moving poetry relevant to all; she writes of her forgotten country

Last spring we were interviewed for Women's Week Radio, invited all to play a piano on the beach,to Edinburgh, bringing many thousands to play music. We wish to continue building works in the South: Morphe is London, Crawley Brighton.."You won't heal anyone unless you have respect for their dignity" Jean Findlay, Jenny says in 'Enemy Territory' to doctor. She met legend Tadeusz Kantor, who let her uniquely study a year with him in Krakow, and she publishes beautiful memoirs, of those of perception

She with friends Sally and Lala supported some war veterans I met, inspiring me in my direction to show real life, as perceived and unadulterated..

Great, inspiring change,forward-moving:bring a poem or thought of your own


Lucy Popescu is fronting the stage event

at Brighton Festival Fringe, Friends House, only 2nd/3rd June,7pm with poet Jade Jackson, before Waterstones Mothership Piccadilly 19th June, and Theatre Deli, 24th for International Refugee Week, for work involving kids building gaps in a wall with natural material and manna; we have free entry to Festival


CK Scott Moncrieff,

badly injured in the war, is

seen looking out. He would

leave the Uk as a gay,

into exile in Rome shortly after this

for freedom of conscience, where he translated

Proust's work, before it was celebrated


courtesy of Irene Mensah Award for Community.

All donations are going to Country to Call Home, which is the latest anthology created by Lucy.

A truly wondrous enterprise..Judith Kerr and other children's authors are contributing..Quiz at end, asking what you remember! and tomboloa, song and raclette, Polish/ French cooking baba ghanoush included


reflections on Lucy's anthology for misplaced orphans, on the run, theatre delikatessen, and waterstones Refugee Week. Poetry is a form of freedom, another sky from the one above, as our multiawarded poets show.



Jade Jackson has a beaming smile and welcomes people with a hug.


She is also very funny, and yet is capable of writing about grief that would overwhelm most, and terrible pain at being alone, yet she has overcome all become an ace in the pack.


Arek tells of waking up in a cheap flat where the police arrested everyone except him

Frank tells of his father leafleting for resistance yet how he has spent years in London feeding homeless with Pret support, even a man with cat who always wants tuna salads for some reason..

then Nora, Danish by birth, although from a persecuted Christian sect in Iraq, has found release in comedy, who helps us cook baba ghanoush.


There will be a Quiz: for everyone and a prize of a book signed by Jade or professor Jim Haynes, who was John Lennon's best pal, and has been organising dinner parties in Paris, every sunday for forty years for anyone who wants to come..up to one hundred people in the summer. He is signing a copy of his book 'How to throw a great party' with recipes cooked by friends from all around the world..or gary from moscow who grew up in London and wants to act,loves freedom and never wishes to return to his maddening homeland...


Have you cards read!

Cards 'Cheery Families' found from Marks and Spencer from 1895, are here.. shortly after a Polish migrant Marx met Spencer, after selling his one penny bargains in the street, which reminds one of

' Time future and time past are both eternally

present' Eliot informs us, again and again and it is true that we need to overcome to live fully in the present..conception of babies makes the past present if we migrate in bodies..and the future opens possibilities and hope.

Beaming is the white light we offer in sacrifice as scientists say made

from all the colours of the rainbow .

Keep your dreams



For child

in your smile the dawning of days and endless love

in my heart is a sun growing out of conjunction

with the planets there is not night or day

but darkness is a new kind of light, for in your gasping night

and crying assuaged only by earth's milking mother

crying in persuasion from dehydration